Using Transom Windows

Adding natural light has become an important part of remodelling many older homes and apartments, but not all of them may be suitable for sky lights or large windows. Some houses are in areas where neighbours are close, and some apartments may have neighbours living above them. A very difficult type of window can let in the natural light without compromising the local view or the need for a roof. Using transom windows to add natural light is becoming a popular compromise.

The additional of natural light is not always an easy fix in existing homes, so transom windows can be a good way to get it without providing a view. These are smaller windows that traditionally fit above doorways, but modern designers have found they can be used in other areas of the home. Putting them above the bathtub or shower will let in light without adding a full window.

Many people would love to add natural light to their main living areas, but they may have a less than pristine view. Looking into the home of their neighbour might seem unfriendly, so this is another space where transom windows can be helpful. They can be placed up near the ceiling to let in light, but they will not require occupants to look directly into the house next door. It is a compromise that provides plenty of light without a view.

Sky lights have become a good way to let in more light without breaking up walls, but not every room in a home has access to the roof. For those seeking a path to the natural sunshine, a small transom window can provide the same effect using the upper area of the wall. Adding natural light to an interior room with the same type of window can also be a bonus for homeowners with large apartments or houses.